Wolfsburg received the first season defeat against Hoffenheim: 1:2 Against TSG Not Much Ran Together | Hoffenheim Counterattack

fire alluring

Attack, the first objective: Brand name used her speed as well as made against the old associates for the beginning of lightning of the wolves (1st).
The TSG looked for a solution and acted with high running intensity.
All offensive actions crashed right into the defensive of the VFL.
The occasions played largely in midfield.
As a result of the absence of precision, the wolves likewise only had an offensive strategy, and also chances were ultimately an outright lack of alert in the duels.
It was only after half an hour a little before both goals (Butler, 30th, Overdose, 32nd).

Liner presses smoke: 1: 1

The mobile Strewn group needed to connect itself that it went into the cabin with a 1-1: Janssen ducked away after Naschenweng’s flank, behind it smelled the sphere pushed by Liner right into his own goal (44. ).

Kessler just strikes lightweight aluminum, however Bill in the goal

Should more framework entered into the offending game of the favorites after the reboot?
Initially not, the first phase of the second round was completely torn.
Wolfsburg struggled, however can not shut off the inaccuracies and also was fortunate that Kessler on the opposite side only struck the message according to a counterattack (62nd).
Strewn brought new personnel, but the doorbell rang: Cofferdam’s striker Bill continued to be free before Fr ohms after an exemplary counterattack (70th).
Wolfsburg safeguarded itself versus the loss, it suited the picture that the round of the entirely freestanding Warmth rolled with the legs when attempting to shot (80th).


Pop had the last chance (87th), after 3 mins of standstill the first loss of the period was secured.