8 billionMicrosofts Push to Finalize Activision Blizzard Acquisition: Seeking Regulatory Approval From European Commission

Microsoft continues to try to convince regulators to grant the approval to end the acquisition of the developer activision blizzard for $68.7 billion dollars.
One of the most important movements of the video game industry.


This has unleashed controversies about how this purchase can affect its competition and generate a monopoly.
Today, March 2, it seems that the balance is tilted favorably towards Microsoft, who are close to receiving approval to end the purchase of Blizzard Activision.
Everything indicates that the company’s will for offering license agreements to its rivals could dilute the concerns of the European Commission
Fuentes reported that the European Union is not expected to force Microsoft to sell assets to specify the negotiation.

This as a consequence that the competence and market authority that serves as a United Kingdom regulator suggested the sale of Call of Duty to grant its approval at first.
If this information is true, the European Union could finally make a decision that leads to this drama and Microsoft would close its purchase for almost 69 billion dollars.
This generates strong pressure on the rest of the regulators, who will have to justify their opposition, and also about Sony to accept the deal with Microsoft that allows them to have the guaranteed presence of Call of Duty franchise in PlayStation over the next 10 years.
Agreement they have refused to sign.
In spite of all this, we will have to continue waiting for a verdict since, the European Union delayed the deadline to finish the discussions until April 25, 2023.
Via: Polygon
Editor’s note: One more blow to Sony, who a few hours before had received the rejection of their attempt to stop the request for copies of all the documents that talk about the exclusive agreements they have closed with external developers.
It was certainly not a good day for the house of the PlayStation.