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Discover the World of Sons of the Forest with this Interactive Map

Kids of the Forest releases you right away after the start of the game to a spacious open globe in which there is a lot to uncover.
To make sure that you can find the most important factors at one area at the beginning of the video game, our Polish colleagues on the Game pressure web page have actually built an interactive map that we intend to present to you here which hopefully will help you to keep a review at the beginning of the video game.

This reveals the interactive map?
Cannibal stockroom
Shovel spots
Intriguing areas
That you can access the interactive map straight, we have actually incorporated it below for you:
Perfect for the start of the video game: In the initial hours of play in the Sons of the Woodland, we were so that we initially had to get an introduction of the dangers on the island and, to get in history, most of the caves.


In them, you will certainly find the shovel that is so important for development in the survival video game with which you can dig in graves:
Locate a shovel discover on the map
By Eleven Range

interactive map still in progression

What you see above is the very first variation of an interactive map of pressure, which, as mentioned, includes whatever essential about the start of the game.
In the coming days as well as weeks, the card will be given with lots of various other markings and also areas of essential products, which should aid you with the survival game on your more method.
If you already desire to display a map of the Sons of-Community with all locations, right here the link to Map genie, on which, amongst various other things, crafting items and also various animal varieties can be located.
Help to Kids of the Forest
Discover all keycards-so you get the crucial cards and open all bunkers
By Eleven Range
Katina find discovered area amongst the best melee tools included
By Eleven Range

Gamer survey on Children of the Woodland

A huge hype has actually burst out around The Forest follower to the Very early Access start as well as we check out the numerous positive testimonials on Steam.
In a survey of Sons of the Woodland, we desire to recognize exactly how you presently such as the Computer game as well as where you can still see potential for renovation.