Does the Story End? Find Out Now!

Sons of the Forest sees a working group sent to a remote island to discover the whereabouts of some missing billionaires.
Of course, it is easier to say it than to do it, since the working group is shot down and crashes on the island before discovering that it is infested with cannibal monstrous.
Despite launching in advance access, the story has an end, with two results depending on your actions.
If you are interested in learning about the ending for the son of the forest is what you need to know.
However, a fair warning: there are important spoilers about the end of Sons of the Forest later.

All the ends of the children of the forest

As mentioned, there are two different finals for Sons of the Forest, categorized as the final good and bad.
As you progress, you will learn more about a golden box and its secret powers, although the general history, at this time, is a bit crooked.
Both finals begin in the same way, with players that change to an alternative reality and are presented with the opportunity to address a helicopter.
Good end: In this end, you choose to address the helicopter and leave the island behind.
The credits pass and invite you to a cinematographic view of the ocean as you get rid of horror.
Bad end: In this end, instead of addressing the helicopter, you pick up the bag and stay behind while NPCs move away.
A couple of important things to consider, being the first Sons of the Forest in early access.
Players must expect history to develop over time, since End night Games seeks to create a more cohesive experience after launch.
In addition, the divided finals reflect the first title, since there are multiple ways to start and finish their history, which is a good discussion issue for players.
Second, both ends are subjective, which means that it depends on you to decide if it is a good or bad ending.
Staying on the island is not necessarily bad, but hanging out with murderous locals can make him reconsiders.
That is all you need to know about Sons of the Forest and if there are multiple finals.
See our related section below to get more tips and tricks on how to survive your game.
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