Velma Renewed for a Second Season: HBO Max Confirms Popular Series Return | Warner Execs

Many television shows have been controversial due to their content that the possible spectators do not like, but none has been seen in as many adventures as the Velma series did.
Which has apparently received very bad criticism.
And while with this reception it would be thought that there will be a cancellation, it seems that it will be the opposite.
According to what Deadline says, Velma is being renewed for a second season, this media spoke with Channing Dunged, president and executive director of Warner Television Group.
It was there that there was talk of shows that will continue in HBO Max, that is where it came out that the researcher will continue to solve cases on the platform.
This is what was mentioned in the medium report:

Dunged’s team is working on a second season of Scooby-Doo Spin-Off, Velma, an animated adult comedy that comes from Mindy Baling.
This information comes shortly after the first season launched its final episodes in HBO Max, having a season closure that was good for some spectators.


Although for those who think it is an offense for the Scooby-Doo saga they will surely think it is not a good idea.
Remember that the 1st season is available at HBO Max.

Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: What HBO is encouraging people to angry, and if we start thinking, the series surely generated many views due to how controversial it has been, so taking out more chapters makes sense in the end.