Sony Accuses Microsoft of Obvious Harassment Over Activision Purchase – Video Game Industry News

The news of the video game industry has been talking about a single theme in recent months, and that is the purchase of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft, which can not yet be completed.
Even Sony has been involved in the conflict, since CEO of Activision himself has accused them of wanting to sabotage the transaction.
And now it seems that this matter is turning, since Sony is pointing out that they apply the obvious harassment and that for the insistence of wanting to see documents that will be used in the demand of the FTC.

And they are constantly requesting them, so it has reached a point of being tired for those who have them in their hands.
This is the request made to Sony:

Microsoft made the reasonable request that SHE began to collect documents of the custodians agreed at various points during the negotiations, even in writing on January 26 and January 31.
And as they have refused to approve the requests, Microsoft wanted to take action on the matter, so they continued to make the request for reviews.


Something that apparently will not happen until within a few months the final trial is carried out that will determine whether Activision Blizzard can be bought in its entirety.
Via: Games industry
Editor’s note: What this matter will not stop being news until everything reaches an opinion, so they expect more controversial to emerge in the coming months.