Guild Wars 2: Farewell to Episodes, Hello to Mini Extensions – Get the Latest Roadmap for Spring 2023!

The reality that the players of Guild Wars 2 without Roadmap for spring 2023 were gradually impatient is an understatement-so-hungry, according to new details and an arena net roadmap for the year 2023. The designers likewise provide more than players
had actually envisioned.

Due to the fact that the studio behind Guild Wars 2 will leave the dynamic world behind after 10 years.

Arena net: Living world made advancement for GW2 challenging

Video Game Director Josh ‘Grouch’ Davis exposes in a blog post that completion of the dragon legend had given the team the chance to recall and see what worked well and severely.


Based upon this, an offender was found: the strong focus on the living world.
Nearly the entire GW2 group was challenged for this.
This made it difficult to establish extensions at the very same time, given that the video game likewise needed to be cared for with the typical content updates. So it likewise took place that many locations of the video game got insufficient support.
describes Grouch in the post.
The ice brood saga is the finest example of the reality that the developers can not fuel the living world and develop a growth in parallel.
In the next phase of the development of GW2, we are taking a more well-balanced approach with which we better support popular game modes, make frequent video game convenience improvements to core systems such as classes, introduce brand-new aspects and expand the world of Syria with convincing, immersive story updates.
We had already pondered: How can the GW2 story go on?

mini extensions replace the living world

Appropriately, there will be no longer lively world and irregular extensions from the post from the future.
Instead, there will be smaller sized extensions more often, which are then expanded in quarterly updates, so that there are just a couple of months until the next huge release.
The start of a growth is an update that usher in the new story, two locations, two strikes and new gamer experiences and kampfelees, brand-new rewards and new dominions.
This is followed by more story chapter, another map, obstacle modes for strikes and another fractal (including obstacle mode) in the quarter-year updates.
As early as February 28, 2023, the first update of this type. Guild Wars 2: This new screenshot teased the new material of February 28, 2023.
What can we anticipate in the more Demeter?
Source: Arena net

brand-new release on February 28th what remains in it?

From February 28, 2023, we will check out brand-new places of Cant ha with detective Rama and particularly corners of the Jade men, where a fatal opponent awaits us.
This story is finished a couple of months later with an update that extends the card with extra playable areas, includes meta events and manager fights and lays the foundation for experience that we will still reveal.
This material is complimentary for owners of End of Dragons, which means that there are no gemstone costs for missed story chapter (in contrast to the living world).

Guild Wars 2: Spring Roadmap till Might 2, 2023

The designers have revealed what awaits us by updates and changes by Might:
February: Class balance update, WVW reward scaling, upgrade chromium ingrained structure
February: New maps and story material for Guild Wars 2 (purchase now EUR 49.95): End of Dragons, legendary Shown variation
March: Super Adventure Celebration
April: DX11 upgrade completed
May: class balance update
Despite the detailed article, there are still a couple of concerns open: What do these mini extensions cost?
Will there continue to be big extensions with elite specializations?
Will there be just a brand-new fractal every year?
How much content will you get for the more frequent expenses of an extension?
We stay thrilled!
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