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And what better way to do it than with the Legend of Zelda? Here are 10 page titles for your crush that will make them fall in love with you! 1. How to Make Your Crush Fall in Love with You on Valentines Day – The Legend of

Happy Valentine’s Day!
In these vacations full of heart, all of you, tortoises, probably only have one thing in mind: the person they like.
More specifically, how to tell the person you like to like.
If you want to give something more significant than a card with a written confession, why not give your crush a gift from The Legend of Zelda?
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Since its launch in 1986, this series has provided its hero an abundant variety of impressive articles.
You will not have trouble finding the perfect gift for that special person among these treasures.


But if you are not still sure what gift you will impress the person you like, we are here to help you.
Here are our best selections of articles that will love your crush.

10 fire shield pending

To start, why don’t you give to the person you like a couple of new earrings?
But not any slope, give the Fire shield earrings.
The person you like will surely smile when you see this red ring accessory with a flame reason.
Originally found in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Fire shield earrings not only look good, but also prevent your user from receiving additional burns.
Of course, Link could still be hurt by a fire attack, but with these equipped earrings, he no longer had to worry about setting fire.
By giving this to the person you like, I could go through…