Its Time to Revive Childhood with the New Barney Reboot.

In 1992, Barney & Friends arrived at television, one of the most loved children’s programs in history.
For 18 years, the purple dinosaur was responsible for being the entertainment of millions of children throughout the world.
Now, today it has been revealed that this property will have a reboot by Mattel.
According to the toy company, a series of products focused on the children
Dinosaur will not return to the reboot.
Next to the animated series, Mattel is working in a range of consumer products aimed at children under six.

The reboot also includes possible films and YouTube content, as well as garments and accessories for adult fans.
This was what Josh Silverman, director of franchises and global director of Mattel consumption products:

Barney’s love and goodness has resisted the test of time.
We will take advantage of the nostalgia of the generations that grew with Barney, now parents, and present the iconic purple dinosaur to a new generation of children and families around the world through content, products and experiences.
For his part, this was what Fred Sou lie, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mattel Television, commented on the matter:
When creating the new series, it was important for us to properly reflect the world in which today’s children live so that the series can provide significant lessons.
With our modern version of Barney, we hope to inspire the next generation to listen, worry and dream big.
We believe that parents, many of whom will remember the original Barney with love of their own childhood, will also love the program.
Chorus Entertainment, known by Esmé & Roy, will be in charge of producing the animated series.
Fred Sou lie and Christopher Keenan by Mattel Television will have the role of executive producers, along with Colin Böhm and Pam West man from Nevada.
Barney’s new animated series is expected to be available in 2024.
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Editor’s note:
Although I am not clearly the target audience of reboot, I still remember Barney with love.
I hope that this new version of the character is liked by the children of the moment, and that the adults do not complain that this is not the version with which they grew up.