FC Köln: Not Seriously Enough

Eintracht Frankfurt’s s director Markus Roche called for a mature appearance after the 0: 3 defeat in the bundesliga game at 1. FC Cologne.
The group of coach Oliver Glaser needs to learn to be more adult in particular scenarios, stated the 42-year-old after the defeat in the Rhineland.
We weren’t serious enough, said Roche: We had a lot of half chances where we made the incorrect decision. If you desire to score an objective, then you need to shoot.

Contract s director Roche: Defeat was absolutely unneeded

The origin of the deciding 0: 2 by Ell yes Shirt was particularly stressed.
They countered us according to our own corner kick, which was not properly prepared. It was played too hectically, said Roche.


The defeat is absolutely irritating, states Roche, because it was completely unnecessary. With all respect for the Perfume, we chose the game ourselves.
Due to the bankruptcy, the Champions League round of 16 slipped to 6th place, in a win the Hesse would have leapt to 4th location.