Chris Metzen Interview: Reaffirming Commitment to Blizzard | Wowhead | New Interview

Met zens return to Blizzard is together with that tabletop work he’s now doing. He talks about his two decades as an artist and designer at Blizzard and how this influenced tabletop style, due to the fact that there are some things that tabletop does differently.

There’s a brand-new interview over at Towhead with Chris Met zen, who returned to Blizzard as a Creative Advisor late last year. The interview covers Met zens his go back to Blizzard after leaving back in 2016 and a brand-new 5e tabletop game that his company, War chief Gaming, released, Ouroboros: Coils of the Snake.


At first, at Blizzard, Met zens work in this new advisory role is on World of Warcraft, however this is set to expand later on.

Met zen is also asked whether he and the others at War chief Video gaming would aim to, and even think about, turning Ouroboros into a computer game. His answer reaffirms his dedication and makes his return a lot more reasonable.