Bobby Kotick Could Continue as Activision Blizzard CEO Amid Microsoft Purchase

It seems that the Microsoft agreement to buy Blizzard Activision has been longer than it imagined, and that is because regulators of the world have not been in accordance with certain terms.
And in case an agreement is failed or achieved, some have wondered if the company’s current CEO, Bobby Kick will continue in his current position.
According to what sources such as Fox Business say, Kick will remain as Executive Director if the agreement to buy from Activision Blizzard does not manage to specify at all.
So, if the regulators decide in the end that this cannot be done, the CEO will continue with its plans to direct the company until it wants to go on their own.
Despite the reports that are expected to be expected to leave Blizzard Activision Once the treatment closes, the company said the CEO had not discussed its plans before the acquisition announcement.
This says the report:

No discussion or negotiation regarding the employment agreements after closing with Microsoft occurred between Microsoft and Mr. Kick before the approval and execution of the merger agreement and the transactions contemplated by it, or have occurred after said approval
and execution, to date of the present.

For now the closure of the treatment is an enigma, at least publicly.


Via: VGC
Editor’s note: Wow all this news and purchase reports become more complicated over time, but hopefully they will soon get to a resolution.
Really with Bethesda it was not such a long process.