Welcome White Child – New Hero Update to Guardian Tales!

Aka Games (CEO CHO Tae-hyun) announced on the 10th that it added a new hero white child to the mobile RPG Guardian Tales developed by Kong Studio (CEO Won).

The newly introduced number of water hero white child is a short-range dealer that uses Gauntlet as a weapon, and is characterized by increasing the short-range attack power of the party when up to five stars awakens.

At the same time, he added a new feature that can change the gender and personality of the knight.
He also changed the cooperative mode and added the champion tier, the top difficulty.

In addition, the small miracle of the wealthy special cartoon festival was presented.
In addition, the new season of Amazon Land and the Guild Raid Deep Sea began to add fun.

Aka Games will hold heroes and dedicated weapons pickup events by the 23rd.

In addition, the boost event will be held to provide an opportunity to double the reward in certain contents.
In addition, the Bingo board event will be held to provide abundant rewards for users who have selected bingo balls as events points.


For more information about the exploration RPG Guardian Tales’ content update, please visit the brand page and the official community.