Atomic Heart: RPG Shooter Launches on PC and Consoles Without Ray Tracing

This month the shooter Atomic Heart stands for the consoles and the PC, which, according to the responsible developers of Sunfish, is to score with both its RPG mechanics and the unused setting.

As is already understood, Atomic Heart is shown on PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X in 4K and 60 images, while Sunfish depend on 1080 and 60 fps on the Xbox Series S.


On the old consoles, on the other hand, the gamers will need to organize the 2nd with 1080p and 30 photos.
In an interview with Caltech, the Video Game Director Robert Bahraini accountable for Atomic Heart called another technical details on the console implementation and explained that the PlayStation 5-and Xbox Series X/S versions for launch no ray tracing
Will provide assistance.

developers show additional efficiency updates

We are constantly implementing the most current available complementary technologies in the game and some change each other.
The consoles will not support Ray tracing for the time being, but we make every effort to offer our players the very best possible and enhanced visual experience, said Bahraini.
According to the Bahraini, the designers are planning to optimize Atomic Heart after the launch through more efficiency updates.
The reality that the console variations of the shooter might be supplied with the assistance of the Ray tracing technology after the release could not be generated to how far these statements might show that the console versions of the shooter might be offered.
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Atomic Heart reached the gold status at the end of the previous month and will for that reason be launched on February 21, 2023, for the PC, PlayStation 5, the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.
Source: Caltech
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