Preview: Kirbys Return to Dream Land Deluxe: A Promising Port with Exciting New Features

The existence of the video game’s Magoo Epilogue dripped last month, however no additional details were offered. Nintendo showcased the mode during our event, and it considerably differs from the primary project. Instead of playing as Kirby, Meta Knight, Bandanna Waddle Dee, or King Decade, the mode puts players in the roll of Magoo. The character appears to handle significantly different from the remainder of the cast, and he likewise seems in rough shape following the occasions of the video game’s story. The character has actually lost his powers, and gamers will have to work to get them back. Sadly, the team was not able to tell us for how long Magoo Epilogue will take most players to finish. The epilogue is unlocked together with a Bonus Story Mode and an Arena, as soon as the main campaign has actually been finished.


Our preview started with a take a look at Level 3: Onion Ocean. The first thing that stood out to me in the sneak peek is that the level looked actually lively. The Wii variation was adept in that department, however the beach place didn’t appear like something out of a video game that came out more than a decade earlier. The character designs have gotten a bit of an overhaul, and they actually appeared to pop against the video game’s backgrounds. It’s here that we also got a chance to see the brand-new Mecca copy ability in action. The capability looks like it will become a fan preferred, and it likewise appears to be a bit more detailed than Kirby’s typical powers; one Treehouse staffer showcased an in-game guide that had 5 pages describing all the different things Kirby can do with the ability. While Onion Ocean appeared like the ideal location to display the brand-new Sand copy capability, that one was not revealed throughout our preview.

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe puts a huge concentrate on multiplayer, allowing gamers to drop-out and drop-in at any point in the project. Gamers that prefer to contend against one another can always have a look at the brand-new Merry Mainland mode. The mode puts together 8 sub-games from previous Kirby titles, as well as two new ones. Our preview event included a look at Kirby on the Draw, a sub-game that debuted in the initial Return to Dream Land. Offered its initial appearance on Wii, it must come as not a surprise that it uses motion controls, but gamers can also go with button controls, and even touch controls when played in portable mode. Merry Mainland includes more than 100 objectives to complete through these sub-games, and gamers can do so with pals or solo.

The coolest aspect of Merry Mainland is that it features some fun callbacks to previous Kirby video games. Gamers can open stamps by playing the sub-games, which can then be utilized to open masks. These masks can be worn by any of the video game’s playable characters (even Meta Knight, who currently wears a mask), and represent familiar Kirby favorites, like Kine from Kirby’s Dream Land 2. Even better, gamers can then wear those masks in both Merry Mainland, in addition to the main campaign, offering diehard Kirby fans an even greater factor to unlock them.

On February 24th, Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe will release on Nintendo Switch, bringing a cherished Wii platformer to a new audience. Notably, the Nintendo Treehouse staff focused on one of the game’s brand-new copy capabilities, as well as the brand-new Merry Mainland sub-game mode.


Far, Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe is looking like a strong addition to the Nintendo Switch library! For newcomers to the series that have actually never experienced a traditional 2D Kirby video game, this may end up being the finest alternative on Change.

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On February 24th, Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe will release on Nintendo Change, bringing a precious Wii platformer to a new audience. Nintendo held a special sneak peek occasion to display the video game, including some brand-new features that will be present in the Switch variation. Notably, the Nintendo Treehouse personnel focused on one of the video game’s new copy capabilities, as well as the brand-new Merry Mainland sub-game mode. Last but not least, the company showcased the brand-new Magoo Epilogue, which features an all-new campaign centered on the character Magoo.

The mode compiles 8 sub-games from previous Kirby titles, as well as 2 new ones.