15 Hours Of Play: Tips And Tricks To Make The Most Out Of Hogwarts Legacy

We can finally tell you that we have tried Hogwarts Legacy, and with him several impressions that we would like to share with all those who are reading this article about this title launched by Avalanche.
Next, we are going to give you some tricks or instructions with the time we have played so that you have an idea of how the game progresses.

Look for the maximum possible floor points

On the map you can see the areas indicated with a flame as a flu.
This will allow you to teleport you throughout the available land and not ‘waste’ the time to go to the place in other possible ways.
From the various areas of Hogwarts, to Hogsmeade and the surrounding villages.
Of course, if the game gives you a pull or does not throw you as it should, we advise you to go broom or run since the network trip will take a bit.
Another fact to consider, is that at night in Hogwarts you cannot travel through this network.

Do secondary missions

Many of the secondary missions will allow you to discover sites of the game that you will have a certain nostalgia.
The forbidden forest, or the passage of the witch Huerta are several of the places that you can visit with these missions.
In addition, you can better develop your personality in the game, being a good person, or on the contrary, a person to whom everyone would hate with your answers.
In addition, some of those can be used to improve in your duels and fighting, since some of them will have to measure orc or poachers to save someone from an announced death or take advantage of their fur to trade.

USA Revelry when you see a ‘invisible’ sheet and pen

The field guide is your tool with which you will guide you on a day-to-day basis at Hogwarts Legacy.
With her, you can know a lot of information about the various places that are both inside and outside the castle walls.
When completing pages, you will achieve clothing and outfits that will improve your character for the duels that you will have ahead.
In addition to these pages that you will find throughout the castle, you will have statues and Peters that you will have to launch spells to unlock pages of the guide itself.

These will light up with a white color and throwing levies in the statues of a magician with a ball and fire in the Peters, you will unlock them

Enjoy each and every corner of the game

This is the most obvious of all, but if you have time, stop and get to observe everything that the game offers you, the various corners of the castle, the landscapes that you can fly over with your broom, or the multitude of challenges that you will have ahead.
The creators of the game have not spared in details of everything you can see in the limits of the game, and it is appreciated that they have put the love and effort that the thing comes out so well.
Also have some patience.
From the minute one you will not learn to fly or launch powerful spells.


Like everything, it carries its process and progress in history, and once you have cemented the bases of your character, seen some places and completing some missions,
It is a game that has been created by and for fans and that as followers of Harry Potter it was demanded that such popular saga had a game according to their demands.
Hogwarts Legacy fulfills it, and we hope you enjoy the game as much as we are playing it in recent days.