Two Words: Pizza Fest

Kidd Pizza
Develop: Kidd Games, Raging Slime, Pixel Cereal // Public: Kidd Games
Launch: December 2023
I knew absolutely anything about Pizza Kidd before crossing my demo when, without any specific objective in mind, I took a look at what stood out in the Next Fest.
I didn’t even see a video: something caught my attention in a couple of screenshots and I decided to swear the tooth to demo.
I hope powerfully what was: it was Ninja Kidd, if it is called the protagonist of the game (how not?), Throwing a flying kick to a group of enemies, falling from the air like an arrow, making them eat shoe from the
I am not particularly fan of the Beat in UP, for reasons that do not come to the case, but that is why I return to this venerable genre again and again.
In the case of Ninja Kidd, there is an obviously nostalgic part that does not interest me too much: the glorification of Saturday Morning Cartoon has given the occasional joy, but in general I recognize that it is difficult for me,
They talk to me a bit alien;
For whatever reason, I against the neighborhood seem very related to this artificial revival of the cartoon Yank.
But I do like when a beat em up understands that one of its strengths is in the pure kinetic pleasure to move bodies from one side of the screen: that of your avatar, (me), running and jumping and sliding to NASCAR you
To your enemies (the neighborhood), and that of the rest of the dolls, flying dramatically through the air thanks to the power of your fists, a law too simple for reality but that in cinema and video games is irresistible.
The generous demo of Ninja Kidd shows, first, a taste in the animations that saves half a game.
The flying kick is, as that screenshot anticipated, a pleasure;
The same the rest of the movements, animated with formidable freshness and agility.
Sprites flee from both the retro pixelate and the vector too clean, and they stay with a type of drawing in which the pixel is very noticeable and at the same time it is not spared in details.

Ninja Kidd is a utilitarian and luxurious character at the same time, an oxymoron that makes playing with him very interesting.


The scenario is a plane through which you advance without moving up or down, that iconic depth simulation that is at the same time of identity and heel of Achilles of the Beat Em Up;
Without the need to worry about that dimension, Ninja Kidd seeks that its control looks more like a 2D fighting game, special attacks included.
It also leaves a few doubts in sight, especially related to the solvency with which the game will know
Being clearly infrared today: with which one or two Beat Em Ups Genuinely good a year comes out it seems that enough and spare, and between whistles and flutes we carry a fairly fine streak.
Here, a few more types of enemy and a less flat level design would have done a lot to encourage you
A type of putty (and its variants, almost comically differentiated by its colors) and an invincible Boss for plot reasons.
However, I still think about that flying kick, I don’t know what caught my attention to Ninja Kidd and that I still come to mind without too much difficulty and with the demo more than prosecuted and digested.
I trust her.
No light stronger than that of a good flying kick.