Resident Evil: Death Island – Starring Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield in the Thrilling Sequel to Resident Evil: Vendetta!

Sony Pictures Entertainment revealed on Thursday a Resident Evil: Death Island trailer, new CGI (computer graphics) movie from Cap com’s classic survival horror franchise and Direct Resident Evil: Vendetta, released in 2017.


Occasionally, characters Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy will be present in the plot, but the big news is Jill Valentine’s appearance, which comes with a very similar look from Resident Evil 3’s remake and is a little disappeared in unpublished stories of the franchise.
The trailer points out that much of the plot will be set on Alcatraz Island, which became famous worldwide for being considered a maximum security prison from which it was virtually impossible to escape.
In the plot, Leon is on a rescue mission to a doctor named Antonio Taylor, while Chris investigates a zombie outeak in San Francisco, on a mission by B.S.A.A.
Jill, in turn, appears training at a fire booth, but little is known about the role that the agent, who does not star in a more recent game in the franchise chronology since Resident Evil: Revelations, 2012.
Resident Evil: Death Island is directed by Ericeira Hasura and has a script is from Dakota Fulani.

The feature is scheduled for release for the US summer, i.e. between June and August 2023. It is not yet known whether the release of the feature will take place in physical media (DVD/Blu-ray) or will be released directly on streaming services.