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Where The Sea Beast Lurks: An Exploration Into The World Of Roblox Pixel Piece

Pixel Piece is a Roblox adventure based on the popular anime and One Piece manga, where you can travel around the blue sea in search of adventure.
Numerous trials, hidden dungeons and raids are waiting for the researchers to discover them.
The sea beast is a formidable boss in Pixel Piece, added by developers in the first update.
In this leadership, we will help you find and win it!

where to find the island of the sea beast in Pixel Piece

You can find the sea beast only on the island of the sea beast in the Pixel Piece, and to find the island of the sea beast, you need to buy the pose of the beast in the Eichmann store on the central island.
The pose of the beast costs 1,500 gold.
If you are not enough, we have codes that can give you enough gold to buy it.
The island of the sea beast is located south of the village of Strop and north of the sharks park.
In the center of the island there will be a lake where a sea beast appears.
The time of the appearance of the sea beast is every 20 minutes in server time.


You can see the server time in the upper left corner of the screen.
It will not be easy to kill the beast, so we recommend that you get one of the following abilities to facilitate the battle:
Black leg
As soon as you defeat it, the sea beast will drop the teeth of the sea beast of different colors that you can use to exchange with Rich man to various useful objects.

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