FC Bayern: A Victory, Weaknesses Covered – Football Still Reigns Supreme

The results on the square have been appropriate again for two video games.
Just the 4-0 cup success in Mainz, then the first Bundesliga success 2023, the 4-2 at VFL Wolfsburg on Sunday night.
However under the surface area of the threesome, mistakes and weak points peeked out that could be costly versus a much better challenger than the wolves.

For instance in a week at the Champions League away video game in Paris.
3: 0 after less than 20 minutes sounds clear, and it was too.
After all, efficiency when ending up is not forbidden.
In the analysis, however, it needs to not be under the table that Julian Nagelsmann’s team had a difficult time in the video game and offered the challenger various possibilities prior to and after the three goals.
This reveals a curious, but typically extremely significant data: In the end of the KG value (Expected Objectives) it was at completion of 2.63 to 0.54 for VFL.
Bavaria therefore made a lot of reasonably a couple of unsafe actions, while the group from Nike Kovacs left a lot.
The existing private class is positive for FC Bayern, which means that the ball winds up in the opponent’s goal when the possibility of a hit is not that big.


See the 2: 0 by volley acceptance of Kingsley Coman, see the 4: 1 through the fantastic solo of Jamal Musial.
Alternatively, the Nagelsmann group must not have grumbled about a third or 4th goal.
Only the weakness of the Wolfs burgers in the goal was avoided.
The spaces that the Munich provided, as well as partly outright incorrect passes, for example by Alphonso Davies, stood out again before half-time.

in to outnumber of individuals of Munich were sometimes under pressure

The FCB brought itself into the redouble through the unnecessary dismissal of Joshua Gimmick.
The very first yellow card and then yellow-red would not have happened to him if the national player had had his temperament under control.
In to outnumber of the Munich, a few of the Munich were under heavy pressure, they were unfathomable and momentarily lost control.
Explainable, yet unnecessary and not the claim to a top group.
At least one part contributed to this from Nagelsmann.
Shortly after Gimmick’s dismissal, he took the strong Kingsley Coman, the recently significantly improved Thomas Müller and Leroy Sané.
To do this, he brought the shaped Serge Gnabry, the inexperienced Mathis Tel and Josie Statistic, who had just become fit in time.
Why so early?
The Munich group has no English week ahead of them, stability did not bring the change.
At 4: 1 it was understandable that Nagelsmann likewise blindly altered Paul Wanner and Daley, but the shot would have almost backfired, because 3 minutes later it fell 2: 4.
No surprise, there were two 17-year-olds on the pitch with a man less in the end, plus Statistic and Blind, to whom the video game practice is missing.
The Munich trembles the triumph, on top of that missed a number of hundred percent counter opportunities.
The conclusion: the results are correct again, the efficiency can still be clearly optimized.