Get Ready For The Three Kingdoms Dark Action: Waryong 24th Trial Verification Distribution on February 24

On February 24, we will distribute the game information before the launch of the Three Kingdoms Action of Team Ninja, which depicts our own dark action as an Infant, to check the game information before the launch of the game.

Goa Techno predicted the experience version of the ‘Dragon: Fallen Dynasty’, which is delivered through Steam/MS Store/PS4/PS5/HBO/CSX, etc.
The final trial version will be presented differently from the stage of the previous September.
The player can play two stages at the beginning of the story.
Earlier, game fans who played the trial version were able to check the improved game contents with the new region.

In addition, online multiplayer features include various game elements.


If you store the stage clear information of the trial version and move it to the full version, you can obtain ‘Varying’s pitch’ that can be used in the full version.

‘Varying: Fallen Dynasty’ will be released worldwide on March 3, and the trial version will be distributed for a limited time from February 24 to March 27, a week before launch.

The game is a new work of Goa Techno Team Ninja, who showed various action games, and deals with the story of dealing with the Three Kingdoms and becoming an unnamed medical soldier.

Team Ninja’s Masada Fiumicino PD said that he would like to introduce various three-country era in addition to the Hwang-gun’s Nan.
In particular, he said he would show high difficulty and in-depth dark action shown in Infant.