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Wild Hearts: Koei Tecmos Monster Hunter-Esque Game Just Got A Demo – Check It Out Now!

We believed the Beast Hunter franchise unsurpassable, however Goa Team lastly decided otherwise.
The Japanese publisher has certainly combined with Electronic Arts to release Wild Hearts, a game in which we are going, as at Cap com, hunt big monster.


Announced 4 months ago, the title is prepared to go out, from February 17 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.
To prepare for this impending launch, Lewis Harvey, the executive manufacturer of the game, invited himself to Reddit to address questions from gamers and curious.
There are numerous information to understand if you are possibly interested in its acquisition.

Future complimentary creatures and a microtransactions video game

With its 4 primary locations, which will all have a various weather center, it will be possible to overcome no less than 20 monsters (likewise called Kimonos).

If you discover this figure insufficient, other animals will be included the future, and these will be free.
There will also be no microtransactions either, which is rather brand-new when you understand that the studio in the maneuver is none other than Omega Force (the Dynasty Warriors).
A break function will also be readily available if you play offline, with an active cross-play in multi-but no cross-save.
Material will open as soon as you come to the end of the scenario, with really effective Kimonos versions and additional techniques of difficulties.
On the consoles side, whether on PS5 or Xbox, 2 graphic choices are revealed: from 1080p to 60 fps, and 4K in 30 FPS.
On PC, you will have to await Steam Deck compatibility.
Finally, a 10-hour demo will be available for all EA Play and Video game Pass subscribers, from February 13.
Something to try with a little ahead of Wild Hearts, and see what he has in his stomach.