WoW 8.2: Guardian Druids Get The Biggest Buffs In Years – Heres What To Expect!

If you speak about WoW in the very first season: Dragon flight about the balancing amongst the tanks, then it is normally about the much too strong warriors and how to get them back to the level of the other tanks.
You rapidly lose sight of that there is not only a tank that is much stronger than the others, however likewise one that is much weaker.


Of course, this suggests the guard druid.
However, this now gets a lot of love for the developers.
Because at the upcoming ID change on February 8, 2023, the DEVs contribute a number of buffs to the bears that have it all.

Whether self-healing, damage-and-wasters or weaponizes are massively strengthened on all fronts.
The reinforcement of iron fur, which grants a tremendous 20 percent more armor, is currently strong.
There are likewise different other enthusiasts.
Naturally, the developers schedule the right to make further modifications before the modifications in the upcoming ID pertain to the live servers.

Marched enthusiasts on February 8th

Iron fur grants 20 percent more armor
Increased fur now increases the armor of iron fur by 15 percent and the damage reduction of tree bark by 10 percent (previously 8 percent and 5 percent).
Ur soc’s anger now grants you an indication that represents half of the damage triggered with hitting and crushing (previously 30 percent).
New enhancing lowers the cooldown of raving regrowth by 20/40 percent (formerly 15/30 percent).
Linked mane has a possibility of 10/20 percent (formerly 5/10 percent).
The recovery of moon ray was increased by 130 percent and the coal duration lowered to one minute.
Notes of the developers: We watch on the distinctions in the survival capability between the tank specializations.
These modifications are intended to relieve some troubles that have guards with specific types of damage, and target some below-average skills that did not bring a meaningful enhancement in survival.
Do you believe that the bears finally pertain to the level of the other tanks and are significantly utilized?
Critics claim that the distinction with regard to survival capability inside and beyond Berserker (or rather version: guardian of ROC) would still be far undue.
Do you see it the same method?
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Philipp Settler.