Warzone 2.0: Take A Trip To Japan With The New Ashika Island Map!

War zone 2.0 receives a brand-new map in the 2nd season that leads gamers to Japan.
Ashoka Island, according to the name of the card, is to be introduced in mid-February 2023.
What gamers can expect in the new setting expose Activision using new photos that were shared on the Twitter channel of the Call of Task series.
Below is also an overview of the new setting.
Ashoka Island is marketed as a small card.
It was developed particularly for Renewal mode, a slimmed down version of the usual Fight Royale video game with triggered respawns.
DMZ is also supported.

Tsuki-Schloss, Beach Club and more

The photos released up until now show places such as the town hall, the Ski castle, the Beach Club and the underground waterway.
Below is War zone 2.0 fans a take a look at it:

The new season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and War zone 2.0 will enrich the multiplayer experience with fresh cards, new video game modes, weapons and ranking games.
Players can also expect basic stability improvements, weapon balancing and optimizations for PC audio and interface.
In addition, there will be brand-new functions and modifications to the gameplay, such as the reintroduction of the 1V1 gulag and the end of falling backpacks when players pass away.

Opponents who beat her in the game will leave prey on the floor from now on.
In our relentless effort to make up for engagements, medium/large knapsacks will no longer be offered, and removed players will drop victimize the floor instead of prey filled with prey, said the creators.


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