Behind The Scenes Of FC Bayerns Surprising Transfer Deal To Keep Benjamin Pavard

At Due Date Day, FC Bayern obviously prevented Benjamin Award from leaving.
In the meantime, backgrounds to the burst transfer offer have ended up being known.
With the transfer by João Cancel by Manchester City, FC Bayern triggered a sensation quickly prior to the transfer in the Bundesliga.
In addition, Marcel Sanitizer left the German record champ in the instructions of Manchester United.
Another genuine bang on the shipment side would have taken place on the shipment page: Inter Milan was extremely thinking about Benjamin Award.

But the Munich team burst the offer.
The Frenchman himself should have been taken with the concept of playing for the Azzurri in Serie A in the future.
According to matching media reports, the Inter-bosses with Award planned mostly as a central defender on his preferred position, which he can only rarely hold at Bayern.
The truth that FC Bayern chose versus a sale of Award in spite of the Cancel gain access to on Tuesday is said to have had several reasons.

FC Bayern avoids unfavorable domino effect

On the one hand, the club supervisors want to avoid any personnel risk, which could lead to Paris Saint-Germain, which might still be thinned by the failures of Lucas Hernandez and Rousseau Marathi, even before the upcoming Champions League battles.
On the other hand, FC Bayern avoided an unfavorable domino effect for him with his hanging on Award.
Inter then made a transfer from main defender Milan Ukrainian.
The Slovak was violently courted by PSG.


A modification was considered a matter of type, Inter would have found a sufficient replacement at the end of the transfer duration.
FC Bayern thus indirectly ensured that the royal class controller could not reinforce itself again before the direct meetings.