HBO Officially Renews The Last Of Us Series For Season 2 – Heres What To Expect

With just two episodes officially released by HBO, The Last of Us series has just been renewed for its second season.
The first exhibitions of Naughty Dog’s television adaptation oke up audience records.
The first episode of the HBO series became the station’s second most viewed pilot in a decade, with over 4.5 million simultaneous viewers.


Although creators have already made it clear that TV adaptation was designed to accompany the narrative of the two franchise games in two-or-season, confirmation came through HBO’s social networks:
Although a date has not been released for the return of the series, it is likely that the second season will narrow in mid-2025-I view that HBO’s great productions often have a two-year hiatus between their seasons.

The series, which has the names Craig Main (Chernobyl) and Neil Luckmann (co-director of the original game) as responsible for the script, is about 20 years after the outeak caused by the mutation of the codices fungus.
As in the game, the series follows Joel’s saga and Ellie as they cross the United States, each with its own individual goals.
The series is aired on Sundays, 23h (asília time), the HBO closed channel or the HBO Max application.