The Bayc NFT Monkeys Get Bored Of Daniel Alegre And Hire A New One

Daniel Alert took more than 16 years in Google occupying an important position, from there he jumped to the presidency of Activision Blizzard in 2020. We know what is the upper part of the company, which h suffered numerous and unpleant media storms in recent
We do not know if this change of position h something to do with the acquisition by Microsoft, but it seems another step in the settlement of the agreement that does not just take its final step.

of Call of Duty to the NFT monkeys

Even if you have no idea of Blockchain and NFT, surely you have encountered the networks on more than one occion with Bay’s boring monkeys.
an important company in the non-fungible sets sector, they had been looking for someone with Daniel’s skills set for some time.
Wylie Aron ow, co-founder of the company, continued in its statement about Daniel’s cheerful profile:

It provides valuable experience in entertainment, electronic commerce and global strategic sociations, all of which are critical pects of an immersive web3 world built by creators and for creators.
It is clear that there is an interest in Google of the manager rather than in the brief work he h played in Activision Blizzard during his short stay.
On the other hand, Daniel is not going to get rid of the stormy environments mentioned above: in October Bay, his new house, began to be investigated by the United States Stock Exchange and Securities Commission.
That is called living at the limit.