LOL: Riot intends to change more controversial ping. The appearance of the ping lure it in League of Legends has

League of Legends preseason 13 ought a series of news to the game, such as jungle pets, routes recommendation and new pings-who should be used wisely and aware of the community, which unfortunately did not happen.


The ping meaning trap was kidnapped by the players, who turned him into something else, further reinforcing the toxic behavior of players.

ping trap will receive a new look

With the preseason, Riot added to LOL a series of new pings, being: advance, attack, defend and trap.
The latter particularly should be used strategically, but its symbol, a hook, was interpreted as a hard-and-like force and quickly used toxic players, as if they were sending their opponents to kill each other.
In the tweet below, for example, the influencer Mideast says, Will we have changes in the ping trap, or will he be anyway? I can’t use it without anyone thinking I am sending the person to kill himself and without being angry with me and get out of the game.
After so many complaints, many players stopped using the ping for fear of looking toxic.
In this way, Riot decided to change the appearance of the marker, adding what seems to be a leaf or a handkerchief next to the hook, the sound of the ping will continue to be the same, which makes the community believe it will be impossible to disassociate the
symbol to the meaning some players gave to him.
Unfortunately, despite the desire of Riot and other players, to evolve and integrate new features to the game to facilitate communication between teammates, there are still many malicious people playing LOL, who feel superior behind a computer screen,
whereby it is not possible to identify them.

See below the possible new version of ping trap.