Chris Metzen Returns to Blizzard as Creative Advisor for World of Warcraft

After 23 years at Blizzard, Chris Met zen announced his resignation in 2016.
During his time at the company, he was accountable for Story Style at Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness, took on the function of imaginative director throughout the development of Overwatch, and is represented in numerous blizzard titles as a voice actor.
Met zen is most likely likewise one of the most popular blizzard personalities, and for numerous users the individual who has actually made Blizzard so popular in the.

Chris Met zen is back at Blizzard!

The resignation of Met zen’s resignation therefore understandably did not like it excessive, but at least the developer did not entirely stop producing brand-new worlds.
With his new company War chief Video gaming, for instance, he published Ouroboros: Coils of the Snake, a project for dragons and dungeons.
In the meantime, however, Met zen was probably loaded by the Wow fever, simply like many other gamers worldwide who delight in the most recent Dragon Flight growth.
As Warcraft General Manager John High explained on Twitter, Met zen will go back to Blizzard after all these years, this time as an innovative consultant for Wow (purchase now).
In the future, his function is to be encompassed the other titles in Blizzard’s repertoire.
Lots of wow veterans will definitely enjoy that Chris Met zen will return to the franchise.
Above all, given that the last two extensions, Battle for Zeroth and Shadow lands, especially when it came to the story, did not get well with the community.

Despite his new function, fans of Met zen’s brand-new Ouroboros project do not need to stress.
There should likewise be big strategies for this too, as Met zen describes on Twitter.


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