How to get Miang Moonspell in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors has become a great success for its addictive game and its low cost, so it makes sense that the game receives great expansion.
The new expansion comes with a series of new characters, such as Ming Mon spell.
Here is how to get Ming Moon spell in Vampire Survivors.

How to unlock Ming Moon spell in Vampire Survivors

Ming Moon spell is only available at the Legacy of the Moon spell expansion, so make sure you bought it in Steam or Xbox digital stores.


The expansion adds a new stage called Mt. Moon spell, which is unlocked from the beginning on the stage selection screen.
Choose your best character and select the Mt. Moon spell stage.
It is a little more structured than the previous stages, so make sure the option Show guides is enabled in the pause menu.
A black and reddish square will appear with an arrow northwest of your initial location, and that is where Ming will be.
Follow the dirt road to the south, then take the first to the right until the road is divided, then go to the north and become a stone road to a pagoda building.
Enter and follow the labyrinthine structure until you find the black and red coffin.
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Touch the coffin and unlock Ming Moon spell once you finish the stage.
It is important to have several weapons and improvements before facing the challenge, since entering space will generate tons of smaller enemies, some larger demons and a spider-shaped demon mini-chief.
Ming Moon spell can buy from the character selection screen for 4900 coins, has the ability to extend the maximum health through excessive healing and comes with the new Silver Wind weapon.
That is how to get Ming Moon spell in Vampire Survivors.
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