Princess Connect! Lee: Dive, new character Kuka (Noir) released.

Aka Games (CEO CHO Tae-hyun) is on the 15th, popular mobile animation RPG ‘Princess Connect!
Re: Dive added a new character, Kafka (Noir).

Kafka (Noir) is a dark girl who receives the onslaught as an invalid barrier in the heat.
It increases the magical attack and critical of the most magical attack power.
It also has a skill that reduces the enemy’s magic defense.


The Union Burst, the KDKA M Exploring Exhibition, gives great magic damage to an enemy in front and greatly reduces magic defense.

In addition, the content update was also carried out in December.
In Part 2 of the Story, I added it from episode 6 to the interlude and went up to 217 level from the existing 214 level.

You can also see the regional 52 ‘[Pinion Harbin Hill, West Coast]’, ‘Rank 23’ weapons and exclusive equipment of ‘Monica (Magical)’ and ‘Too (Magical)’.
Also, in the side story, ‘sprint!
Land Sol Guild Race was added.

Meanwhile, Aka Games will open ‘My Custom My Page’ by December 20 to present 300 in-game goods ‘jewel’ to 50 users, and increase the frequency of pick-ups of new characters by December 23rd.

‘Princess Connect!
Re: Dive ‘Dive’ (Lee: Dive) ‘The details of the new character updates and events can be found on the official community and SNS.