What Diabolical Contracts Does Kistibe Have In Chainsaw Man? Answered.

With the Special Division 4 in ruins after the events of Episode 9, Maxima seeks to strengthen two of the remaining members of the Squadron (Benji and Power), sending them to train with Kathie, a demon hunter of the special division 1 of Tokyo.
While the melancholic, the teacher immersed in his glasses is just what the two need, many wonders what Devils Kristine has contracts on man chainsaw.
Here is everything you need to know.

Kristine’s devil contracts and skills

Captain Kathie has contracts with Claw Devil, Knife Devil and Needle Devil., Serving his brutal methods of dispatching demons and legitimately gaining his nickname, Mad Dog Kristine.
The price you pay for keeping all three contracts is not clear, but anyone who is on the other side of your attacks fears the benefits.
The gray-style Hunter flexed some skills of his contracts in his training meetings with Power and Benji, wielding a knife in the cemetery and dispatching both easily, and spending effortlessly a sword in Benji’s skull outside his apartment.


Despite being only human, Kathie approaches as much as possible to be a real demon, exhibiting all distinctive characteristics, such as superior reflexes, strength and durability.
The feat of simultaneously breaking Power and Benji’s necks in episode 10 is not due to the use of any contract, only to its pure power.
While all the skills provided by your contracts remain a mystery, when they combine with their innate fighting skills, Kathie is a force to take into account.
We cannot avoid believing when he tells Benji and to power: I will make you the baddest of the rude.
That is all you need to know about what Devil Contracts Kristine holds.
Stay in the world of Devil Hunters and see more content like who is Beam, where Power escaped in episode 9 and how contracts work in the universe of Chainsaw Man.

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