Reddit User Details Hidden Mechanics Of God Of Wars Ragnarök Mode

When you play where you look and what you must look out for, in God of War Ragnarök there are so lots of small information and mechanics that you might sometimes not know.
It may be that a mechanics escape you.
It was at least a Reddit user who only saw after 35 hours that it is relatively simple to recover after a battle
That the feature does not leave you, we’ll inform you how it works.

So you will be recovered after the fight.

If you wish to make Rates fit again after hits, you require green shining products for it.
With red-shining products, you fill up his Spartan Rage once again in order to be able to really flip out in the fight.
After a battle that required a fair bit, you need to discover brand-new healing again.

There is another alternative.
As Heisenberg_82_WW admits to Reddit, the user only found it after 35 hours, probably rather towards completion of the video game:
If you have little health or Spartan after a huge battle, go to a mystical goal.
Your health and your Spartan bar will be filled Whenever you activate an objective.


It took me around 35 hours on my very first run till I observed that.
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Obviously the user is not alone with his late discovery.
Baciu14 reveals, for instance:
Discovered that after doing 100%.
Hanzo7682 mentions:
I want there were more websites on the map.
Other Reddit users expose in the comments that the mechanics also discovered them late, while others concur that they helped them, for instance with some berserkers.
In this video you can see how the nine worlds were developed:
If, by the way, you need extra assist with optional bosses, there is a practical barrier-free setting for them that makes the struggles easier.
And if you are looking for strategies for the berserker battles, you can find them here.
Or you are interested in cool information in the game.
You can find that here.
How does it look: did you understand that you will be recovered on the websites and did you utilize it throughout your run?