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In a thick fog enveloping the foggy lands, enemies are hidden, called seekers, who serve the queen of seekers in Latham.
The seekers beat quickly and strongly, leaving for a second to think about what they can be weak in Latham.


Fortunately, seekers have weakness, and players can use it to explore the foggy lands without dying.

What types of damage are the catchers weak in Latham?

The seekers are primarily weak to damage from frost, piercing, fire, poison and lightning, so one of the best ways to defeat seekers is to use onions in combination with the arrows of the elements.
Below are additional information about the seekers in Latham:
Where to find seekers-if you want to hunt seekers for one of their resources, you can find seekers wandering around or infecting the locations of infected mines in the biome of foggy lands.
What are the seekers?
-Seekers dump resources, such as the shell and meat of the seeker.
Other items that fall out of some vine enemies include mandibles and royal jelly.
Mandibles fall out of the seekers of the soldiers, and the uterine jelly falls out of the seekers of the broods.
All types of citizens’ enemies-there are four options for seekers in Latham, including the following:
Seekers of soldiers
Flying seekers
Seekers of the brood

Best ways to defeat seekers in Latham

If you have problems with victory over seekers, the best way is to use their spontaneous weakness in your interests.
One way to do this is to make a bow similar to Drama onion and combine it with arrows such as Frost, Fire or a high-level equivalent.
With equipped onions, you need to shoot at the seekers and continue to circle around them so as not to get into the environment.
In the end, you will encounter groups, and bows are not suitable for combating them.
Fortunately, such a weapon as Shimming AFL is caused by great damage from lightning in combination with high piercing and discarding.
We recommend making this weapon using 10 Grail trees, 15 peeled Air, five silver and two mandibular, as this is one of the best weapons for use against groups.
Another way to surpass the seekers is to use one of the many new magic stoves of Vitré, such as Amber or frosty states.
In the list below, you will find the best weapon against seekers in Latham.

Best weapon to fight seekers on the Latham list

  • Shimming AFL
  • Frostier
  • Porcupine
  • Coal staff
  • Yo tun curse
  • The staff of frost
  • Wanderer of fogs
  • Drug KYK
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