The last episode of the Simpsons shows collaboration with Roblox

During this last season of the Simpsons we have witnessed several crossovers, which the horror part was the predominant, that was seen in the episodes with IT, Death Note, The Barbados, the more popular horror stories.


And while it was thought that parodies were far from finishing, it seems that no, at least not with the most recent.
In the chapter you can see Marge who forces Bart to play a pleasant video game called Bob lox (Parody to Roblox).
The most curious thing is that every time the episode shows things, 3D CG animation is used.
All this leads to Bart to be involved in a series of electronic scams, this through the sale of a certain article to users.
Here is a fragment:
What most attracts attention in this mixture of the Simpsons with Roblox, is that Skinner joins Bart to follow his own interests, this leads to the student Martin to know the conspiracy.
However, Skinner has a beam under his sleeve, so he threatens to put a stain in his academic file, passing a note to+ to an a-.
The only current way to see the current emission chapters is through the United States channels where they are issued, then they are added in streaming services such as Disney Plus.
In the case of Latin America, the episodes in Star Plus add.
Via: Kodak
Editor’s note: This type of winks to video games is appreciated to have in the program.

I wish then see more, something with the Zelda saga or similar.