CCXP22: Exclusive Hogwarts Legacy trailers are revealed in a panel

This Saturday (3) on the CCXP 2022 Arena tribe we had an exclusive Hogwarts Legacy panel with an Avalanche Software representative, a game responsible for the game development, and Thiago Novas, creator of the Potter Observatory, with an exclusive video revealed
During the event.

Dev comments on the development of Hogwarts Legacy

The Avalanche developer commented that the most exciting and difficult part in Hogwarts Legacy was to set up an atmosphere that makes players the freedom to be the wizards they want.

Exclusive trailer at CCXP 2022

The CCXP22 has received an exclusive Hogwarts Legacy trailer that shows an orchestra performing the game’s soundtrack. In all of this it is possible to see scenes of the game in the background that alternate as the progress of the song.
This video ought just a little of the 30 hours that Hogwarts Legacy will ing to you.


said the representative of Avalanche Software.

The game will have news

The avalanche representative states that although they introduced new elements.
It must be made clear that this is not a direct adaptation of the movies and the book, but a new story, with various places and moments that will make the players be nostalgic, but also news that don’t even expect…
Character creation system based on… you
According to Jimmy, you can create a character with your characteristics, based on a photo or image of you.
It will be possible to make editions to make the appearance even closer.
In addition, it will also be possible to configure the tone of voice so that it is as close as possible to your tone.
All this to make the experience more immersive.
Trailers displayed during CCXP22 will be included in this report as soon as published by Warner os.
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