How to defeat the beast Nurla in Darktide

In Warhammer 40k Dark tide, there are mainly two monsters that you need to be afraid. One plague grin and the other beast Núria. This leadership examines strategies that you can use to defeat the ugly monster of the Núria Beast during collisions in Dark tide.

This bulky beast is very strong. To defeat this monster crawling around the stomach, you need to focus on teamwork, because this is the only way you will succeed. You will most likely meet the Núria beast in Carotid, passing through the halls of heretics.

This beast will appear at any time, and the battle with the boss will begin. He is not alone in the battle, since other little enemies will continue to appear in order to distract your attention from an attack on the beast Núria.

Attacks and Movement of the Beast Burglar

To begin with, you need to follow the beast the most. A mucus attack. In this attack, he throws out a viscous liquid. He will not harm you, but will slow you down, which gives this monster an advantage to grab and swallow any player.

Usually he is aimed at one member of the team at a time and follows him. If he finds himself in the near-battle zone, the monster will attack. This attack will cause corruption of your health.

The beast Núria also has an attack. If you approach this beast behind, it will hit you with this tail.

How to defeat the beast Núria in Dark tide

Each enemy has a weak place in Warhammer 40,000 dark tide, and the beast Núria is no exception. Despite the huge bulky body, this monster has a sparkling gold blister on his back. This is the weakest place on his body, and you need to aim at him for every attack. We advise you to use long-range weapons for this purpose.

The beast Núria usually chooses one of the team members and begins to pursue him. If you are a victim, then you should not run straight. Move in a circle or randomly, and this will give your comrades enough time to attack the blister on his back.


As mentioned in attacks, the attack of the beast’s tail is very dangerous and can cause serious damage. To avoid this attack, you need to stay away from the tail.

Another important point is the coherence of the team. One of the participants should deal with the emerging enemies that cause malfunctions in the monster attack. You need to constantly move and do not stand still anywhere, as this increases the risk of being eaten.