Genshin Impact: What to do every day in the game? See daily routine to accumulate resources

Genshin Impact has a universe of various regions, characters and a plot that doesn’t seem close to the end. Some players are already more updated than others, but to maintain the high level there are certain important activities to be kept regularly within the game. Especially for those who no longer know what to do in RPG, MGG azil has separated some tips for maintaining a routine and collecting resources.


Daily missions

At the adventure level 12, the daily missions’ system will be unlocked. As its name supposes, the mission are updated daily and give a variety of rewards. In total, there are four quick goals missions, completing them every day is advantageous for players to collect items that can help them throughout the journey.

Battle Pass Missions

In addition to the menu missions, there is still the challenges of the battle pass. Access is released from the 50-level adventure rank, both in both paid and free version. As there is a free version, players can easily perform challenges every day to increase pass level and receive rewards.

Reputation Missions

The reputation is the system of progression of each region, unlocked in the adventure rank 25 and when completing a specific mission. To raise the reputation level, the player must finish the challenges of different nations, up to three a week. Missions are reset every Monday. Regarding rewards, each level has its collection of awards, reaching the maximum level of reputation, the player receives a different wing in each city.

Explore the map to collect items

Exploring the map is the ideal way to know the game better and greatly influences the direction of the user’s journey. Through the map you can find hidden chests, collect food, weapons stones and character evolution items. In addition to unlocking new areas, depth shrines, domains, teleport and even finding new world missions.

face enemies

The map is full of enemies, from the simplest, such as the Hilichurls, to the challenging, like Oceanic. In addition to testing your character’s skills and builds, training with a new hero or team, the player can still receive ascension rewards when defeating them, which will be extremely valuable.

do the challenges of the domains

If you have explored at least the minimum of the map, you may have already unlocked some domains, find them grant some gems and complete the challenges offer artifacts, weapon and characters evolution resources and more. These similar temples have three stages, the last one with maximum rarity level items, but they are also the most challenging.

spend resins

That’s right, spend the resins! The original resin is very valuable in the game, it acts as an energy feature. With it, it is possible to claim rewards for the challenge of outcropping the La line, weekly or normal domains and heads. When the game holds specific events it is also possible to use the resin. As it is such an important item, some players may be afraid to spend it, but it is important to do it. The item is rechargeable, so keeping it in 160 every day is not worth it.