Sony belittle Battlefield before the CMA in his attempt to retain Call of Duty


The brutal confrontation between microsoft and sony for the issue of the acquisition of activision/Blizzard h long reached unspeakable points. We all look humpbacked how two wolves with lamb skin are ridiculously vulnerable to the Market and Competition Authority (CMA) of the United Kingdom in its attempt to leave with it.

Tears of crocodile

Both companies are dragging before the competent authorities to show that power is on the other side. To that by Microsoft that Sony’s exclusive are above and that Call of Duty is a mediation without quality, Sony, in his terror for losing a war of war games, a whole chicken of the golden eggs, he replied that:

Call of Duty is too entrenched so that any rival, regardless of how well-equipped it is, can reach it. (…) Other editors do not have resources or experience to match their success
This evidently refers to the Battlefield saga. They recognize that the EA franchise cannot make the most minimal shadow to the Activision giant. For more INRI, the figures of the lt installment only corroborate that. And Sony does not cut a hair when using these arguments against Microsoft. And it is that Battlefield 2042 sold only 88.7 million copies compared to the 400 million Call of Duty.

To give a specific example, Electronic Arts, one of the largest external developers after Activision, h tried for many years to produce a rival for Call of Duty with his Battlefield series. Despite the similarities between Call of Duty and Battlefield, and despite the history of EA in the development of other successful franchises, the battlefield franchise cannot follow the rhythm.

Both companies go from victims in a theater that, those who have been in this for some time, do not believe ourselves at all. The trick of trying to convince lies to gentlemen with TOGA does not deceive fans, who are freaking out the public degradation of both multimillion-dollar companies from the stands. This, sadly it is still long. We will keep you informed.