Microsoft explains how their exclusive work

Much has commented on the possible exclusivity of Call of Duty after the purchase of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft. In this way, the Redmond company has shared a new document where it explains that the first-person shooting franchise will reach PlayStation, because it is a high-reach property.

As part of the investigation by the competence and market authority, or CMA for its acronym in English, from the United Kingdom, Microsoft shared a new document where it indicates that its games fall into three groups. These are:

-Titles with niche audience, composed of proposals such as Psychopath 2 or Fallout 76 with small communities.

-Caesars de paid development being new IP, where we find Star field and Red fall, both confirmed as exclusive PC and Xbox Series X | s.

-Productions for mass audiences, such as Call of Duty and Minecraft.

Of these groups, only the latter would have a high exclusivity value. Thus, Microsoft does not rule out the income that would be generated to see Call of Duty in PlayStation. Along with this, it is mentioned that titles such as The Elder Scrolls VI would enter the second group, this because we have not seen a new installment for several years.

We only have to see if Microsoft respects these groups once the purchase of Blizzard Activision manages to complete. In related issues, Microsoft has been sued for this acquisition. Similarly, document reveals when the next generation of consoles would begin.


Editor’s note:

Microsoft should not reach these extremes to convince the commercial commissions that Call of Duty will arrive in PlayStation. Similarly, other documents have indicated that, eventually, the series of shots will be an exclusive Xbox.