Iron Fist Actress would have given track of the series return


Without a doubt, one of the most important actresses who participated in Iron Fist and Defenders in Netflix was Jessica Hen wick, who played Colleen Wing in the aforementioned series. And while there has been no season since Disney bought Fox, it could be that this artist is giving us a clue that the franchise will eventually return.

Immediately after Charlie Cox repeated her role as Daredevil, the star of Iron First, Finn Jones, expressed her support for the return of Hen wick, the stellar character of Glass Onion shared some thoughts towards this:

I love Finn. Finn is a love. If we are talking about Canon, the way the story ended, she had a fist. I was ready to hit. But he had his own powers. Oh God, let’s stop talking about this!

Iron Fist’s stories recently jumped from Netflix to Disney+, housing more Marvel stories under the same roof and in the same transmission service as the rest of Marvel’s film universe. With Cox back as Daredevil, it seems that any of the heroes of the defenders could return.

For now, Daredevil is the only character who has confirmed his series. In addition to appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home and She-Hulk.