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The undesirable Shadow lands growth is then history and our heroes start the trip to the dragon islands. WOW: Dragon Flight however not just stands for a new story and brand-new lead characters, but likewise for the end of the borrowed power.

We were now able to ask these and other questions to those who must know. Since quickly before the release of WoW (buy now): Dragon flight we took a seat and spoke with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas. Among other things, we needed to know from him what further adjustments can still be anticipated at the interface, which the designers promise themselves from the simultaneous opening of the mythical and heroic raids and whether the rather may be the door opener for other special peoples like Nāga or Several.

Interview on the release of WoW: Dragon Flight

  • It ought to no longer happen that players in Raid, whew in the brave RAID, do not need anything any longer, due to the fact that everyone is far better equipped with dungeons.
    When altering the season, Four old and 4 Dragon flight dungeons in Season 1 permits developers to exchange all dungeons. This avoids the problem that the brand-new dungeons of a season appear much heavier since you do not know them along with the old dungeons from the previous season.
  • Dragon Flight is the growth of research study. It is meant that the main story is inadequate to get to the optimum level. The players should look into on the left and right of the path and find cool things. Even more in the traveler mode, which will then be available with the twinks.
  • There will hardly be any other people than callers as long as no other individuals all of a sudden grow wings for the lots of abilities. However, Hazzikostas does rule out that the Rather after Dragon Flight can also fill out other classes.

  • The new skill trees are far less complex than they appear initially look.
    When leveling and use some advantages, However you feel much more rewarded. In this method, the individuality in between the playing designs is considerably strengthened. If you still do not wish to handle it, the developers have installed the standard and entry-level builds.

  • The end of the born power ought to be as permanent as possible. One would rather further expand on the current systems and gradually perfect them.

  • The end game does not necessarily require grind to inspire the gamers to visit to log in. Even without pressure, there are enough goals to which the gamers can work towards-from products to twinks.
  • Earth Morris was a sort of plan for Dragon Flight with regard to gameplay efficiencies.


  • The different stores of the Rather were currently planned prior to they were revealed to the public for the very first time. At that time, nevertheless, the technology was not that far to be able to show it.
  • Nāga and Several are currently not planned as a playable individual, even if the Rather reveal that it is technically possible. A brand-new people likewise need to fit thematically in the expansion and needs to not just come because it is technically practical.
  • The synchronized opening of heroic and legendary mode is mostly due to the following Christmas holidays. There, very couple of raids and the designers also choose to be with the family than 24-hour support for the Raider.
  • Apart from a handful of leading guilds, this ought to not have any impact on the players anyhow. Nevertheless, the World First Race could gain stress since the guilds can proceed with various methods.
  • Server game continues to open when the Hall of Fame is filled. Or in the middle of the spot, if the popularity hall is not yet complete.
  • The developers would enjoy to use cross-server guilds. However, they are currently not technically implementable.

We have actually summed up the most important info of the interview here for you. Including, for example, hazzikostas’ description of why the command table disappears with Dragon Flight, but is far from dead. And why gamers of mythical plus dungeons will need to do more difficult content for optimum prey in the future.

Ion Hazzikostas is the Game Director of WoW. Source: Blizzard

We have summarized the most crucial points of our conversation. You can read on the 2nd page if you desire to check out more about what Ion Hazzikostas has informed us. We have actually transcribed the total interview in the English original for you.

  • The developers do not yet understand what takes place to Dragon Flight. At the minute you focus on getting the experience as much as possible. Nothing has been decided yet afterwards.
  • Deal with the user interface will continue. Nevertheless, the designers wish to focus on making the functionality along with possible. Other optics rather leave them to the Add-on authors. Other parts of the interface, not just the UI, are likewise on the agenda.
  • The fact that mythical-plus players in Dragon flight have to do more for the best victim has two ulterior motives. The developers put a step-20 dungeon about one action with a legendary employer.

  • The mission table has disappeared with Dragon flight, but the developers are not yet completed with him. However, there was no thematically suitable setting in Dragon flight to take it with them.

  • The caller is by far the mobile magic class in the game. In return, it also needed a large downside that lies in the reduced range.
  • In the course of Dragon Flight, a lot more will be discovered the background of Neltharion (alias Death wing) and about the Rather

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  • But you feel much more rewarded when leveling and offer some advantages. The designers do not yet understand what happens to Dragon Flight. The fact that mythical-plus players in Dragon flight have to do more for the best victim has 2 ulterior intentions. Dragon Flight is the growth of research. The caller is by far the mobile magic class in the game.