Fortnite snow started to melt

Snow in Fortnite is a source of division, particularly when blizzards begin to minimize presence to nearly no. Some gamers like the change in speed and like to leave skins adapted to the weather. Others do not like when the game changes at such a basic level.

New difficulties will soon be opened, because what seems to be the last objective of the season will be unlocked on Thursday, January 9. This need to give us our last possibility to accumulate a lot of experience, winning our last levels of the Battle Pass.

With the Winter fest 2019 which ends today, it seems that the snow chooses it. He is currently backing around Slurry Swamp and Sweaty Sands. The sands enjoy a more pleasant and hotter climate than the remainder of the card, and Slurry Swamp is well-kept by the different overflow of the factory.

The thaw also occurs fairly quickly, with a lot of snow disappearing in the previous hours. Weeping Woods seems to be ready to melt and Dirty Docks is nearly cleaned. At this rate, in simply a day or two, all the snow will have vanished.

With the next season on the horizon, which ought to begin around mid-February, it is time for winter to have an effect while the card is getting ready for spring.


The latter group suffered sufficiently, it seems, and the Fortnite snow has started to melt.