Overwatch 2: MEI will remain disabled for longer and balancing is postponed

Since its launch last month, Overwatch 2 has been on the rise for several reasons. Among several bugs, startup problems and others, Blizzard Entertainment production has been repeatedly criticized by dissatisfied players for not being able to make the most of their online experience.

Despite everything, this second exploded the records of players in the license-35 million users registered in a month.

A success that can be explained in particular by the transition to the production of free-to-play video games, which is funded by several purchases in the game.


But while Overwatch 2 announced ME’s return after some bugs, not everything seems to have come out as planned for Blizzard teams…

Ma barely arrived, it’s gone

In early November, an official OW2 post announced the bad news: after being quickly available after the launch of the second work, ME was disabled due to bugs on their ice wall that allowed players to reach points on the map supposedly inaccessible during your matches.

Thus, Blizzard revealed a return date for the mythical legend of the license: November 15.

A little patience

This Tuesday (15), however, the Blizzard teams announced the postponement of the famous patch that would follow the return of ME.

According to the company, a critical problem prevented them from properly implementing this next update.

ME players can rest easy: the wait will end soon.

The patch in question received a new date, November 17, and is scheduled to reach the server around 4 pm GMT.

Who knows, maybe this time, the heroine finally participates in the fight?