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NC, Lineage M OASIS 2: You Update Advance Reservation


[ezwts Park Yeo-jin reporter] NC soft (CEO Kim Taejon, hereinafter NC) announced on the 16th that it will make a pre-booking ‘Oasis 2: You’ update in Lineage M, a large multiscale multi-member role-playing game (MMORPG) ‘Lineage M’.

Oasis 2: You are an update that reflects the user’s suggestions in the game. NC has improved convenience through pre-updates from Lineage M in October, and users can check the ‘Berserker’ class reboot after 30 days. The update details are scheduled to be released.

NC will make a pre-booking OASIS 2: YOU until the 29th of this month. It can be participated through the Lineage M official website, and users who participate in the pre-booking receives one coupon that can be used by the existing server, picture ripper, and block server. If you use the coupon, ▲ ‘Imbibing’s Supply Box (Event)’, which consists of useful items for existing users, ▲ ‘Imbibing’s growth support box (event)’, which helps new and return users, is selected according to the user type. Can be produced.

‘Imbibing’s Battle of Battle (Event)’ and ‘Imbibing’s Growth Anvil (Event)’, which can be received by selecting a box, are buff items that help to combat and grow when holding. Reboots, which are scheduled to reboot, can obtain ‘Imbibing’s golden shield (fixed)’, a dedicated item, depending on the selection.

All Lineage M users can receive the ‘TJ’s coupon-run recovery’ to commemorate the update. It can be obtained through ‘Imbibing’s Golden Armor Box’, the final reward of the current season pass.