Netmarble, G -Star 2022 booth birds eye birds also revealed… Demonstration of 160s

[ Moon Byung-soo] Net marble (CEO Won Youngest, Do Kiosk) unveiled the bird’s eye view and on-site event information on the 14th.

Net marble Hall, which operates a total of 100 booths, consists of a concept that visitors can play and enjoy the game. ‘I’m alone Level Up: AST: Marshal Chronicles’, ‘Paragon: The Over frame’, and ‘High Squad’, including about 160 demonstrations, including open stages and Net marble, including open stages, as well as 160 demonstrations where you can experience 4 kinds of exhibits. It consists of a Net marble Store Zone where you can meet various products using characters.

In particular, Net marble prioritized the safe booths of visitors visiting G-Star Net marble Pavilion and prepared various safety measures in preparation for emergencies.

Net marble said, During the G-Star period, how to use emergency evacuation and fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers such as fires, etc., the guide video on the tips for response to the response, the booth’s heart defibrillator and professional health manager deployment, and the establishment of a response system for each stages of crowd sets. We will respond immediately and systematically manage the density of visitors.

In addition, Net marble also released information on various game events and special programs held at the Net marble G-Star Hall.

First, I only level up alone: At Arise, we will hold a ‘Time Attack Mode Ranking Exhibition’ event where visitors can participate. According to the rankings, the company provides’ Color Pool GeForce RTX 4080 graphics card ‘,’ I only have a level-up novel set with the autograph of the trend artist, ‘webtoon set’, and ‘luxury gaming mouse’. In addition, the character popular vote and video sharing event prepared various entertainment such as giving game goods.

In the Medal Chronicles, a large-scale pioneering exhibition will be held, with a total of 45 people per team. Visitors who wish to participate in the field can participate through the preliminary application before the event start, and provide prizes to all participating visitors. In addition, the Google Gift Card will be given through a lottery to visitors who supported the winning team through the game forecasting events for visitors. In addition, the SNS Story Sharing Event and the on-site prize draw event will be presented ‘Bang & Olufsen Gaming Headphones’.

Paragon: In the Dover Prime, the finals of the “ Great Paragon: The Overtime ” will be held with a total of 10 influencers. In addition, among the users who achieved the mission in the prime passport distributed in the demonstration zone, including the Daemon and the generation confrontation between the influencers who are active on various platforms, Events will be held to present various prizes such as tea ‘and’ mobile phone strap ‘.

High Square will hold a stamp mission event that provides prizes for customers waiting for demonstration. You can get a participation code of the final test that starts on December 5, or shoot ‘High Squad’ booth and upload it to the personal YouTube channel #SHORTS. A variety of prizes will be presented, including earbuds and YouTube bucket hats.

On the open stage, up to 10 influencers will be able to play a creator war, where the team divides the team into 5-5 and plays ‘Touchdown Mode’. In addition, the company prepared an event to present a laser headset, a mouse, and a keyboard if it succeeded in predicting the ‘Battle Royale Last Winner’ event and victory team.

Net marble said, As a G-Star, which has been held normally after a long time, it is expected that many users will find booths, so we are preparing for the safety of the field first. Please pay attention.