25 years later, h Ketchum stands the best coach in the world Pokemon

Perseverance pays off. And if not, they tell h Ketchup , the eternal ten-year-old boy who, 25 years after the premiere of the first seon of the Pokémon anime , h officially crowned the Best coach in the world in the lt episode of the series definitive trips Pokémon . We tell you what happened just below:

h Ketchup becomes the best Pokémon coach in the world 25 years later

h Ketchup h become the new monarch of the World Coronation Series after defeating Lionel and its imposing Harvard in the most recent episode of definitive trips Pokémon, premiered on November 11 of 2022 in Japan and that will be broadct soon worldwide in the respective languages of each region (in Spain, the anime is currently broadct on the channel Boeing ).

This is a historical milestone in the anime , because this character so dear to fans h stayed at the gates of obtaining a decisive victory that demonstrated his worth facing the gallery occionally. His first remarkable victory came when he took the title of champion of the Pokémon League at the Canal Festival in the Allan region in an episode issued in 2019. Finally, effort and perseverance have given results; In the anime it is already canon that h Ketchup is the best Pokémon coach in the world .

And it is not turkey mucus, because in the tournament of the eight teachers the toughest coaches of all time have met : Lionel , India , Maximum , Lance , Diana , Alain E Iris They have been the other seven participants in addition to h. h Ketchup is the King of Kings .

We are aware that this milestone is a quite large spoiler from Pokémon, but it h been The Pokémon Company herself that h announced this event to hype and saucer.


Regarding the video games of the saga, the Pokémon brand continues to give a lot of war. On November 18 they will be launched scarlet and purple Pokémon in Nintendo Switch, and in mobiles Pokémon Go continues to give much to talk about.