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The original Freddy’s Five Nights was a great sensation when it was launched in 2014. It contributed a new unique turn to the horror genre, eliminating its movement and emphasizing the strategy to avoid massive scares. His success led to the beginning of one of the largest multimedia horror franchises that exist today. He also achieved the success he had with a relatively small cast, but these characters were recorded in the minds of fans. Here are All the characters of the first Five Night At Freddy’s game.

WARNING: This piece will discuss the spoilers of the first Five Night at Freddy’s game.

Freddy Fanfare

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The antagonist of the same name of the series Five Nights at Freddy’s, Freddy Fanfare is one of the four animatronics and the Bear’s pet of the restaurant of the same name, Freddy Fanfare’s Pizza. He wears a black cup hat and a bow tie, while he also carries a microphone for his performances on stage with the other animatronics.

In the game itself, Freddy does not really leave the main stage and only threatens the player when the energy is exhausted in the room. If all the energy of the room is exhausted before 6 a. m., Freddy’s eyes will blink in the dark and, unless the player is close enough at 6 a. m. To complete a specific night, he will attack the player. There is also a rare scenario that can attack while it is on, unless the player is diligent to block his movement with the monitor.


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One of the other main villains of the game, girl is an animatronic chicken that at one time served as support singer at Freddy Fanfare’s Pizza. He carries a bib that says let’s eat and usually eat pizza, which is your favorite food.

In the game, she is one of the few animatronics that only appears at a specific door in specific conditions. She sits off the door on the right side, and players must verify the blind spot with the light button. If you do not, girl will enter the room and attack you the next time you open and close the monitor, and will only fail to attack if you cannot open it.


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Another important antagonist in the first game, Bonnie is an animatronic rabbit that also plays in Freddy Fanfare’s band. It is a blue/purple bunny that plays the guitar on the stage with Freddy and the gang.

Bonnie’s attack mode in the game is practically the same as girl’s. The main difference comes from the fact that Bonnie only appears on the door on the left side and seems to be able to teleport through different rooms. Anyway, the attack pattern is exactly the same, and players must approach Bonnie in the same way that they would approach girl. Not doing so will result in an anticipated loss if they are not diligent in keeping the door closed.


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Foxy, the last of the four main antagonists, is a pirate fox and the only one that is not part of Freddy Fanfare’s band. Foxy occupies Pirate Cove, a separated scenario from the principal in the pizzeria, such as the pirate pet.

In the game, Foxy is one of the most aggressive animatronics of the game. While his jumping scare is probably the least scary, Foxy arrives to kill running to the room, which means that the player has to try his reflexes to close the door in time. Even if you close the door in time, Foxy will play to exhaust the energy faster: while the loss of energy begins in just 1%, it can reach up to 16% depending on how many times foxy touches.

Freddy Dorado

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Golden Freddy is a secret antagonist in the game. It is a decomposed and yellow version of Freddy Fanfare that is hunched and destroyed, as if it were a decomposition version of Freddy. It can only appear in the game in special conditions, and if you kill the player, the game is blocked.

When checking one of the cameras, there is a sign that can change between three variants; A normal image of Freddy, a distorted and a close-up of Golden Freddy. Once that image appears, Golden Freddy will appear in the room and the player must open the monitor again to fire him. If they do not, Golden Freddy will attack and close the game abruptly.

Telephone boy

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Hello? Hello? Well, if you are reading this, it means that you have reached the part where we do not talk about antagonists. The Phone Guy is nothing more than a voice you hear in the game during the first four nights. He is a very indifferent character who sometimes seems to be at least a little nervous throughout the situation with Freddy Fanfare’s Pizza.

In the game, Phone Guy gives the player tips that could help him understand the playability of the first title. With this advice, it also helps the player to understand how the animatronics work, which can help players detect their behavior patterns to develop better strategies. This happens until night 4, where it seems that Phone Guy is killed by a possessed animatronic.

Mike Schmidt

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It should not be confused with the annalists of the Hall of Fame who played baseball for the Philadelphia Philip, Mike Schmidt is also the name of the main protagonist in the first game of Five Night Study’s. He is the character with whom you play in the game, although you can never see any part of his appearance. The only time we see it remotely is on the Game Over screen, where they put it in a Freddy Fanfare animatronic.

As the game completes, Mike Schmidt receives a $120 check for its five days, and if he completes the sixth night, he receives a miserable payment of 50 cents for extra hours. If the player completes the seventh personalized night, Mike Schmidt receives a termination letter for manipulating electronics. After that, he never sees it again in the rest of the series, which makes it one of the most elusive characters in the Five Night Study’s series.

That is all you need to know about all the characters of Five Nights at Freddy’s . If you want to get more information about Five Nights at Freddy’s, see the guide for the characters in a subsequent entrance of the franchise, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location.

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