For you who want to draw, Search Art

In reality, there is a game where you can draw a picture that is limited to space and cost in the virtual space.

The Search Art: Genius Artist Simulator, developed by Indie Developer Goose Minded, is a game that plays a genius artist who lives in 2130 as the main character. When you start the game, you can enter the spaceship, where you can create your own space studio. You can draw and sell pictures and upgrade the studio.

In Search Art, the player can make all the surrounding ‘canvas’. It can be painted on the walls, and it is also possible to pour a paint on the floor and make it into art. I have drawn a picture, so I have to clean it later. If you don’t like the studio, you can unlock a new room and buy and place furniture or ornaments.

The tools are also diverse. It provides exotic drawing tools such as palette knives, sprays, and even flame controllers, including basic brushes and paints. There is also a realistic factor. If you use the paint, you can use money, and you can sell money to make money. Special tools must be purchased.

This wonderful picture is possible

There are also unusual tools. (Source: Steam official website)

If you have to sell a picture and make money, and you can’t get to what you need to draw, you can decide the theme through the request. The finished picture can be sold to the client. Sometimes clients give gifts. You can also collect the paintings you painted and open the exhibition, and you can also listen to the finished picture to listen to the criticism of the painting.

Search Art has released a free trial version and has improved the completeness of the game through steady updates. We have added various picture tools, and the tablet compatibility has been made by users. Since then, he has added the same system as PEQUOT.


Users say, There are a lot of colors and canvases, A game that turns on when you want to draw peacefully, and I feel like drawing a real picture. Along with a good response, Search Art maintains a steam evaluation ‘overwhelmingly positive’.

Search Art is distributed by hype train digital. It can be purchased through Steam and Epic Games, and the developer Bulge said it is also developing the Search Art VR version through the Steam community.