[Todays Steam] Battlefield 1, 10 times higher than Bae Pil 2042

Battlefield 1, which started 88% discount on the 2nd, is maintaining the top five on the world’s highest sales in the world. At the same time, more than 50,000 users gathered, achieving the largest number of concurrent users ever after the launch of Steam.

Battlefield 1’s discount is more often than expected. It was first sold at the same discount rate in June 2021, and since then, there was a periodic opportunity to buy a game at a reasonable price. At the time of the first 88% discount, I had a sale once more after four months, but there was no dramatic change as before, but it was updated to 51,950 with discounts in about a year.


In addition to the discounts, the user is expected to have a discount on the first World War III, which was released through Netflix last week, and the first place in the weekly non-English language viewing time.

There is also a decrease in the number of users in the latest battlefield. The Battlefield 2042, launched in November 2021, has been criticized for various problems such as optimization, balance, and map design, and is criticized for its negative ‘negative (11,460 participants, 31% positive)’. Although the number of users has increased for a while in each new season, it is gradually decreasing and staying at an average of 5,000 people, which seems to be more noticeable.

Meanwhile, the Warhammer: Surname: Burn hammer: Burn hammer: Burnside 2 ranked third, while the Football Manager 2023 and Sonic Frontier ranked 8th and 10th.

In the TOP 20, the highest-, the number of new worlds that opened the new server rose to 13,7,759, and Warhammer: Bur min Tide 2 recorded 10,323 people, the largest concurrent users ever.